The mission of Riverview Capital, LLC is to identify attractive investment
opportunities in undervalued or emerging sectors and marketplaces. New
technologies, media and communications and the emerging markets of Asia and the
opportunities they present remain a focus of our activities. The Company works
closely with management teams to develop comprehensive business plans that
underscore their vision for success. Extensive financial modeling is a key
component to the overall plan.

Through its partners and principals, Riverview has combined experience in the
investment field of over 100 years, and utilizes that experience in the evaluation and
structuring of investment opportunities.  The Company does not engage pure
venture deals.  Rather, time is spent sourcing later stage transactions that require
rollout capital for proven technologies and products, preferably supporting those
transactions with the expertise and synergies that a strategic partner may be able to
bring to the investment opportunity.  The combination of a proven concept and our
relationship with a strategic investor who is motivated to aid the rollout process has
significantly improved the investment profile for our investors and continues to be
the cornerstone of our philosophy.