Unity Envirotech, LLC (“Unity”) is a commercial-stage company that can provide
sustainable, cleantech, cost-effective and competitive solutions for problems
confronting two industries: fertilizer and municipal wastewater treatment.  Unity
owns intellectual property and industry know-how for producing an innovative
fertilizer that combines sulfuric acid, ammonia, and biosolids: i.e. treated sludge
removed by municipal wastewater treatment plants (“WWTPs”), an epic problem
confronting every municipality in the world.  

The Unity Technology represents a significant development for both the fertilizer
industry and the municipal wastewater treatment industry. For the fertilizer
industry, the Unity Technology is the first to combine inorganic fertilizer ingredients
(i.e. ammonia and sulfuric acid) with recycled organic matter (i.e. biosolids) to
make a high-quality, high-analysis fertilizer suitable for use by modern, large-scale
agricultural operations. For the WWTP industry, the Unity Process provides a
unique solution to the increasingly important issue of biosolids disposal. Unity
intend to use their proprietary technology to manufacture new, environmentally
friendly fertilizers for the global agricultural market, while offering a sustainable
cleantech solution for biosolids management to WWTPs throughout the world.

Unity has been focusing on establishing its proprietary technology through
production runs at the
International Fertilizer Development Center (“IFDC”). Unity is now ready to move
into full-scale production.  Riverview has been engaged by the Company for a
$50,000,000 equity financing to fund certain capital expenditures to take advantage
of this opportunity.