Combining considerable professional resources of its founders,
Riverview's key principals have been working together since 1990.  Since
that time they have worked on a number of transactions for a very diverse
clientele.  Some representative projects and clients follow:

Riverview principals raised $28,000,000 in two financings for,
Inc. (“LOIS”) an electronic legal publishing company producing state and federal
primary law libraries for all 50 states in Internet and CD-ROM formats. The first
financing in the amount of $13,000,000 allowed LOIS to complete development of
its product libraries. The second financing for $15,000,000  helped the company
begin its marketing rollout and prepare for its IPO. LOIS went public in an
oversubscribed IPO, successfully raising $55,000,000 and topping out at a $400
million market capitalization. Loislaw was acquired by Aspen Publishers Inc., a
part of the Dutch conglomerate, Wolters Kluwer.

•        Riverview principals advised the management of Graphic Communications
Inc. (“Graphic”) in the purchase of the company from the estate of the founder.
Graphic is one of the nation's largest independent paper and commercial printing
distributors, with clients such as Home Depot, Circuit City and Eckerd Drugs.
Riverview’s principals recommended and helped the company implement an ESOP
structure. It also led the fundraising effort in the amount of $70,000,000 to
finance the purchase and provide working capital. Eighteen months later, Graphic
was acquired by Bain Capital, generating a 400% return for our investors.

•        Riverview’s principals advised International Flex Corporation, an entity led
by a former IBM senior manager, in the purchase of the flexible microcircuit
division of IBM Corporation. This division of IBM Microelectronics developed the
technology and began the manufacturing process of high-end flexible circuits.
These circuits are critical design features in the electronics industry’s drive toward
miniaturization and higher functionality. International Flex merged
with a publicly traded strategic partner, and was subsequently acquired by Sun

•        Riverview’s principals were hired to complete the restructuring of Intracel
Corporation (“Intracel”), a biotech company developing the first cancer vaccine for
colon cancer. During this time, Riverview assumed the CEO position at the
company and steered it through the bankruptcy reorganization that culminated in
the closing of a $20,000,000 financing with the largest biotech fund in the U.S.
Riverview’s principals negotiated and completed a debt restructuring for the
company, provided management services, guided Intracel through a bankruptcy
filing, recruited a CEO, raised financing to continue operations during the
reorganization and completed a financing to emerge from bankruptcy.  In 2010,
Riverview assisted in the merger of Intracel with Vaccinogen, Inc., a privately-
held biotech company which is now conducting the final Phase IIIb trial and
starting commercialization efforts in China, Taiwan and Malaysia for its lead
product, OncoVax® for colon cancer.

These activities are representative of the types of transactions Riverview
Capital strives to be part of with our clients.  Our relationships throughout
the banking arena, insurance companies, fund managers, and philanthropic
organizations are the backbone of our fund raising activities, and our
strong product flow is an outgrowth of the trust those entities have in the
principals of Riverview Capital, LLC to nurture good projects and to fund
them intelligently.  Riverview Capital, LLC will be pleased to supply you
with references should you require them.  Thank you for the opportunity
to briefly describe who we are and what Riverview Capital can do for you.