In 1990, Mr. Lindsay left Dillon, Read and started his own private equity advisory
firm, Dublind Partners Inc., where he advised, structured and placed over a billion
and a half dollars of securities for various new and emerging companies, and took
many of these clients to eventual IPOs, assets sales and mergers.

Riverview Capital, LLC was formed in 2005 to focus the activities of Mr. Lindsay
and his associates in the new technologies, media and communications arenas,
areas of finance that have emerged as a specialty in Mr. Lindsay’s private equity
activities, and to introduce those clients into the China markets.

Mr. Lindsay is a graduate of Columbia College, and lives in Greenwich, CT and
Palm Beach, FL with his wife and four children.


Prior to his work with State Street, Tom was President and CEO of Investors
Fiduciary Trust in Kansas City. Mr. McCrossan holds an MBA in Finance &
International Business and a B.A. in Political Science from Fordham University.  
He has served on numerous boards, including Depository Trust Company
Corporation, Princeton Financial, Investment Manager Solutions Europe Ltd.,
Investors Fiduciary Trust Company, State Street Cayman Islands, The Harvey
School and a member of the President’s Committee at Fairfield University.


Mr. Fu was previously the media advisor and producer for global conglomerates
including General Motors, Phillip Morris, PepsiC, Sanyo, Glaxo, Walt Disney,
Airbus, WalMart, Hitachi, and Goodyear and other multi-national corporations
looking for a foothold in the China marketplace.

Today. Mr. Fu works very closely with the National Development and Reform
Committee (“NDRC”) in its work of implementing the economic and cultural
reforms that are mandated by the Central Government of China.  It is enormously
high-profile work and it is through this relationship that Mr. Fu opens merger,
strategic partnerships and investment opportunities to Riverview Capital and its


Mr. O'Neil is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and has an MBA from the
Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.  Mr. O’Neil currently
sits on the Board of Directors of two Chinese companies, Eguo, an e-commerce
company, and Global Learning, an education company, both of which are
headquartered in Beijing.  He also is a board member of Central America Global
Corporation, a company that conducts trade between China and the Central
American markets and the Greenhaven Commodity Index Fund.


Ms. Hinrichs graduated from Colby College with a B.A. in Economics and Business
Administration and lives in Greenwich, CT with her family.
Mr. Lindsay, Chairman and founder of Riverview Capital,  
began his career in the financial industry in 1975 with the
Wall Street firm, Salomon Brothers Inc., in their trading area.
In 1978, he joined Dillon, Read & Co. (now UBS Securities),
where he rose through the ranks of trading and sales,
eventually being named Managing Director in charge of all
fixed income trading and sales, risk management, new
product development and research. Mr. Lindsay was the
youngest partner ever made at Dillon, Read in its then
170-year history.  During his tenure as partner-in-charge,
Dillon, Read led some of the largest M&A transactions ever,
including work for RJR Nabisco, Anheuser Busch, Federated
Department Stores and billions of dollars in other transactions.
Mr. Fu is co-founder and Chairman of United Media
Management, LLC, (UMM) a Chinese American
business consulting firm with offices in Beijing and
Shanghai, China, the City of Macau, and in
Greenwich, CT.  Mr. Fu is one of the most highly
sought after business consultants in China,  serving the
interests of major Chinese ministries and foreign
corporations in finding avenues for efficient and
profitable joint ventures and information exchanges.   
As Chairman of UMM, Mr. Fu is responsible for all
initiatives in China and oversees the activities such
partnerships require.
Mr. O’Neil is a Managing Director of Riverview Capital and
President of United Media Management, LLC (UMM) and works
hand in hand with Guoxi Fu to oversee, manage and operate the
strategic initiatives developed by UMM for Riverview clients.  He
also focuses on identifying, establishing, and advising on strategic
relationships between Chinese and non-Chinese companies. Prior
to co-founding UMM and joining Riverview Capital, LLC in
2000. Mr. O'Neil spent twenty-five years with Salomon Brothers
and Prudential Securities, Inc. His duties included oversight of all
capital commitments and trading decisions in the Preferred Stock
markets, structuring new products and coordinating all investment
banking activities within the preferred stock arena.
Ms. Hinrichs brings considerable experience in the media
and entertainment industries to Riverview Capital, LLC.  
Ms. Hinrichs heads Riverview’s sales and marketing team
and has been instrumental in the consummation of many of
Riverview’s transaction in the media and technology space.
Prior to joining Riverview, Ms Hinrichs served as Vice
President of Corporate Lending for four years at Wells
Fargo Bank, N.A., focusing on leverage-buyout finance.
Prior to that, she spent six years at European American
Bank concentrating on project financing in the entertainment
and media sectors.
Mr. McCrossan has over twenty-five years experience in
various sectors of financial services and for almost ten
years was an executive vice president of State Street
Corporation, serving on the Senior Executive Group with
direct reporting to the Chairman and CEO.  He also served
on the Strategy Steering Committee, Major Risk Group,
Financial Policy Committee and the Information
Technology Executive Committee.  He provided guidance
and established policy for State Street in areas of risk
management, balance sheet investments, business
strategies, project spending and technology initiatives. He
was also responsible for global operations, overseeing a
staff of 4,000 in twenty-three countries.