Vaccinogen is a biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing cancer
vaccines and other immunotherapeutic products. The company has a large portfolio
of product candidates for the treatment of cancer, infectious disease, autoimmune
and anti-inflammatory diseases. Vaccinogen also has a portfolio of fully human
monoclonal antibodies in various stages of clinical development and has pioneered
the introduction fully human monoclonal antibodies to the market.

Vaccinogen and other biotech companies have long attempted to activate and target
the body’s immune response to cancer in order to provide long-term immunologic
memory. Doing so would prevent the recurrence of malignant disease months or
years after primary tumor resection. Although vaccination approaches have been
successful in prevention of an ever-increasing number of infectious diseases, only
limited success has been reported to date vaccinating patients against cancer.

Vaccinogen’s lead product, OncoVAX® active immunotherapy, is a platform that
utilizes the patients own tumor cells to manufacture an active-specific
immunotherapy (ASI) for use as an adjuvant treatment for colon cancer following
primary tumor resection. The vaccine is comprised of sterile, metabolically active,
irradiated tumor cells mixed with fresh frozen Tice BCG bacteria as an immune
stimulant (two injections), or tumor cells alone (two injections) administered by
intra-dermal injection. OncoVAX® is prepared using a proprietary, sterile
manufacturing process following surgical removal of the colon tumor. The vaccine
activates the patient’s immune system enabling recognition of the unique tumor
antigens. Over twenty years of clinical trials have yielded results that far exceed
typical cancer vaccine product effectiveness. Vaccinogen has recently been
approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a confirmatory,
Special Protocol Assessment, which, if successful, will be the basis of a filing with
the FDA for product approval