Several years ago, a group of very talented individuals joined together in the hopes
of creating something very grand.  We shared a common vision that the world of
technology, as we knew it, was changing faster than anyone could have ever
imagined, and that there was an incredible opportunity to be part of that change.

Since that time, Riverview's principals have proudly sponsored companies into the
investment community  that have changed the way the world looks at cable
television, medical diagnostics, digital and satellite imagery, Internet design, Internet
learning, video teleconferencing, and much more.

Today, when you watch interactive television, you are seeing the work of
Riverview's principals.  When you take a 30 second HIV test anywhere in the
world, you are using a Riverview Technology.  When you look at mass produced
digitally printed catalogs, use a campusMCIOne Card, visit a blockbuster movies
website, learn to use Lotus Notes and Lotus Suites in your Intranet or video
teleconference over the Internet, chances are you have Riverview's principals to
thank. When you use interactive services on your cable television system, search
for legal information over the Internet, participate in a clinical trial to finalize a
vaccine for colon cancer or purchase merchandise transported all over the world on
the next generation plastic pallets, chances are you are using a technology
developed by Riverview principals.  

We have only begun.  A little more than a decade ago only a few academic
institutions had heard of the Internet.  We can only wonder, and anticipate with
delight, what the future will bring.  The principals and associates of Riverview
Capital will continue to do our jobs, researching and financing the newest, cutting
edge technologies that will be part of that tremendous change.