iGPS was created as an entry into the multi-billion dollar pallet pooling business.
Former CEO of CHEP International, Bobby 90% marketplace, will be Chief
Executive Officer of iGPS. Utilizing virgin and recycled resin in the design of
lightweight plastic pallets, Moore has developed a price competitive product whose
characteristics match the new security and ecological concerns that currently
surround the pallet pooling business.

iGPS will deliver a product to the marketplace that is 30% than wood, 100%
recyclable and capable of carrying radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for
homeland security needs and the ability for shippers to track shipments in real time.

With a total annual global market for pallets estimated at $14 billion by industry
analysts, iGPS is poised to become a major player with a superior product in the
marketplace. iGPS is headquartered in Cos Cob, Connecticut, with operating units
in Orlando, FL and Dallas, TX.

Principals of Riverview Capital, LLC advised and placed $50 million in equity for